Posted by: tanjawestwood | January 27, 2010

I’m back

Sorry to anyone that called my mobile…it is lost, as lost can be!!

My family and I have been in Tasmania for two weeks. We hired a Motorhome and had a ball…. Here are a sneak peek of the 780 photos I took, yes I did actually take that many but I couldn’t help myself with all the beautiful forests, sunrises/ sunsets and waterfall walks we went on….

Jasmine and My mum

Ashton new love FISHING with his Dad

Bryan and his crazy urge to stick his head under the waterfall

Mum, Jaz and I visited Port Arthur and did a special tour of Point Puer (First Australia Boys Prizon)… by far one of my favourite things on the trip

I got up early one morning (5am arrgh) and took many many photos of the sunrise over the beach on the east side of Tasy…

My number one  favourite thing to do this holiday was to search out the stunning waterfalls of Tasmania. I am addicted now. I could seriously do a whole holiday going to see them all.

This one was on a cliffs edge…I totally freaked!!

St Columbus falls the grandest of them all!! This photo doesn’t do it justice

We couldn’t resist going here…. not much of a town though

And another waterfall lol

And lastly a rare photo of me and the kiddies….

It was an awesome holiday and it was sad it had to end but there are always more fun trips plan for the future.

I will be back with layouts I have recieved for the months sketch challenge. If you haven’t seen the sketch check it out HERE.

Bye for now




  1. Your pics are great. Hubby and I went in March, but we’d love to go back and take the kids. A motorhome holiday sounds like great fun.

  2. Stunning pics and glad you had a good time. Did you and Bryan manage dinner alone one night???

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous pics Tan!

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