Posted by: tanjawestwood | December 12, 2009

School Concert and B’day Party

Ashton had his first school concert on Friday night which was great to witness. They all worked hard to memorize so many lines to three xmas carols and the highlight would have to be “We wish you a ripper Christmas” …classic!

Ash is also turning 6 on the 17th, being so close to Xmas we thought it would be best to have his party early as people are going away etc.

Bryan thought I was mad wanting to take 6 boys to the Cinemas and McDonalds but it was the easiest birthday ever and the kids had a ball. Bryan ended up coming with us, which was awesome as I know he has so much work to do but I really loved sharing it with him. Three of the mothers came also so it was a great little party for all…the boys had their own row in the cinemas, so I think that was kinda special.

The movie was

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Totally hilarious! definitely gonna buy it when it comes out. I recommend it!

The kids had a ball at McDonalds…ate, played, watched Ashton open his presents and ate again (icecream cones).

I think one of the highlights of a day among many, was the fact his bestfriend came with us in our car!

Ashton loved his day and at dinner he told me it was the best day ever…what more can a mother ask for….

I’m off to bed…been a busy but joyess day. I hope your having one of those kinda weekends also…



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