Posted by: tanjawestwood | November 4, 2009

Marker Madness Month

With the prize this month for my sketch challenge being Stampin’ Write Markers, I thought it would be appropriate that I show you some different ways in which you can use our fabulous markers throughout the month of November.

First technique uses our Colour Spritzer Tool.

Now you may not of seen these at your workshop. But if you have and have wondered what you do with it, I’ll give you a quick run down.

Here is what the Colour Spritzer tool looks like…


With this tool, a Stampin’ Write Marker turns into an Airbrush and can create stunning airbrushed effects.

It is as simple as sliding the Stampin’ Write Marker into the Colour  Spritzer, making sure the tip of the marker and the Spritzer meet, then screw the marker gently into place. Now on some test paper, squeeze the balloon at the end of the Spritzer. The closer to the paper you are and the hard you squeeze, the stronger the spray will be. It is a good idea to have a play before you use it on your final project.

In this layout below

Mum by Tanja Westwood

I have used the Colour Spritzer Tool on the circle pretty off centre from the middle of the page. I was inspired by my daughters bedlinin for this design and found the Spritzer Tool prefect for the effect I was after.

Close Up

kilcunda 005

I used it very close to the paper to create this darker effect.If you wish a more speckled look, use from a distance.

I will be back soon to show you another great way to use the Colour Spritzer Tool and our Stampin Write Markers, but until then, keep creating and if you would like your own Spritzer tool to play with they are $24.95 plus p/h and you can contact me via email – or0418 144 732, I’m happy to help.

Till next

Take care,



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