Posted by: tanjawestwood | August 25, 2009

Be back soon…promise!

Just wanted to let you know the mojo is slowly creeping back in and the cogs are slowly turning again…..I am sure to have some creations soon… but am still waiting on the laptop repair, so I can’t download photos till then…thank you all for being understanding that I really needed a personal is back on track, better than ever in fact… all I have to do is clean my desk..DOH!.. and then let the creating begin!!!!

Talk soon…..oooh yeah just wanted to blow my own horn…cos’ I don’t get to often…The latest Scrapbooking Memories No.7, turn to page 131, my gorgeous handsome son up top… He wants to take it to Show and Tell @ school…his little face just lit up when he saw it…it was extra special 🙂

Bye 4 now




  1. Hi Tan

    Great to see you back on deck – get that desk cleared and laptop fixed, I’ve missed your creations. Well done on getting published – and keep smiling :o)


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