Posted by: tanjawestwood | July 2, 2009

Hello from sunny North Queensland

I have to say I have had a serious talk to my hubby about moving here… we own a house here, right next door actually but rent it out…. it is such a different life style up here. I realise the summer is a killer but that can be fixed with a pool and air con LOL But he said no…..oh well maybe when we are retired he said.. Too many plans own in Victoria anyways… but whilst we are here, why not take a load of photos…’s a couple…you wouldn’t do this in winter down south…

30 june qld 072Ashton’s proudest moment…. he is such a lover of all things with sharp teeth


It has been pretty eventful… We arrived on Saturday and was in hospital with Jasmine… got a large deep cut on her forehead from chasing her brother and falling on the stone drive…. oh the blood. As a mother I should be used to it but it just doesn’t sit well with me, especially when it’s one of my babies… She had it glued and was right as rain not long after we got back home

jaz head

In time to blow out the candles with their Granny (the main reason for our trip)

granny birthday

We are off to the park which is on the beach on Yeppoon…I will take some photos, to show you how beautiful and alluring this place is…. I hope your well and not too cold LOL




  1. sounds like you are having a good time

  2. Great pics Tanja. Hope you had a super time. Brrrr, can’t imagine being in water – it’s freezing here! Cheers, Sue

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