Posted by: tanjawestwood | June 25, 2009


Hey everyone, I am still kicking…just been sick and a tad busy. I had the honour of going to see P!nk live in concert on Tuesday night.



Words can’t express what this meant to me. I have been following Pink from the start, going on 9 years, I have all her albums and so many of her songs bring back memories of moments of my life… she truly has been apart of it. I got goose bumps as she emerged out of the stage on a wire…truly an amazing, stunning concert. If was given the chance I would go back time and time again. I have songs recorded on my husbands phone and wanted to put them on here but I’m just not that clever LOL.

Anyways, I have another layout but I am busy packing at the moment…we are heading to North Queensland on Saturday for my mother in laws birthday…. 10 days of warmth, I am actually looking forward to it…I don’t mind a Queensland winter (you will never get me there in Summer again though). So if I don’t pop on for a couple of weeks you know why…Stay warm and keep STAMPIN.




  1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! WOW, I’ve wanted to go to a ink concert for YEARS!

  2. that must have been one awesome experience!!

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