Posted by: tanjawestwood | May 29, 2009

Out of order

One of the not so joyful things of being a mother to a school aged child is that they bring home all the colds, flu’s and sickness going around…. and well it’s bad enough when they get sick but it tends to go through the whole family..and today’s my turn. So no creating for me…I hope to get better soon, so for now I will “think” scrapbooking LOL.

I hope you have a great weekend.




  1. ouch!!! get well soon sweetheart…

  2. Hey hun,

    Hope your feeling better today and back to scrappin lol
    Have emailed my take on the May sketch challenge sorry I took so long to get it done got your messege about it last night around 11 and made a start was up till 3 this morning doh! Anyway hope it’s o.k I don’t normally work of sketches lol

    P.S Loveeeeeeeeeee all your new layouts your work is fab and saw your layout on Scrap the Boys big thumbs up hehe xoxo

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