Posted by: tanjawestwood | May 10, 2009

How’s your day been?


First of all …I couldn’t help but add this photo of Bryan on Friday night…another year lived for my dear husband…I love the look on his face!!

Anyway back to today….I thought this morning I would like to take a photos of our day. Even though it was Mother’s Day and I did receive some very lovely gifts from our son from the Mother’s day stall at his school, it was a weekend as usual…heading to our house in Nyora… So here are some glimpses in to the Westwood family’s day…







See that window…that is where my new scrap space and class room is going to be….very exciting!!


201162212199So that’s pretty much our today apart from dinner…my camera doesn’t take very good inside night shots… I hope you enjoyed my photos and your own Mother’s Day. See you back here with some scrapbook creations. Till then, take care.

Tanja 🙂



  1. your house looks great Tan- very jealous!!

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