Posted by: tanjawestwood | May 8, 2009

Grab a cuppa….you may need it

I have so much to show and tell you all so get comfy. First of all I want to wish my handsome hubby a Happy 37th Birthday today. He so not a birthday person and hates people making a fuss over him but secretly I think he loves it, especially if he can get out of something by saying “but it’s my birthday”…he will use that for days!!!.

I am happy though that he didn’t rush out the door as usual at 6:45am for work and allowed himself a sleep in and for a change. You would think being self employed he would do this more often, but no, he is very strict with himself about being on the job on time…. so I decided to give him his present which I had hiding in Ashton’s cupboard for months… he tried to guess all of yesterday… I think he may of been a little disappointed but I find it very hard to buy for him and I have to think practical… I once made him a scrapbook album…I don’t think he has looked at it since.LOL

may 014

Yes 2 x stainless steel 1800 x1500 shelving for his shed… It hold 300 kilo’s per shelf so I thought it would be good….I mean if he doesn’t like it I’ll have it for my scrapping stuff hehe….

Now ladies I had the lovely Ros drop my camera off to me yesterday… so here is THE MAY SKETCH CHALLENGE….

may 015

There must be 5 entries for the prize to be rewarded (Demonstrators not included, but I would LOVE you participation! and would be more than happy to post a link ;))

Please don’t think you will be judged…my son will be pulling a name out of a hat (literally)

So … relax and give it a go…any question please feel free to email me at

THE PRIZE ………….12 sheets of Afternoon Tea Patterned paper

papers 001

These papers are high quality and double sided. The packet has been opened so that i could take this photo but the papers are as new.

I would really like to give this away….TO YOU MAYBE????… GOTTA BE IN IT, TO WIN IT!!!


Now…for latest layout in the Scrapbook Creations


I am very excited to see a full page for my layout… It was hard doing one in 20 minutes (that is why it is so simple) Not sure I like it much but what could I do in 20 minutes LOL…


Now…what have I left out…oh yes some recent work…. Here is a card, a layout and a couple of boxes (I have made for a make N take this weekend) I really wanted to highlight, how punches can be used in so many has been great to be able to sit down and do some stamping finally….

may 022

may 025

may 023

Ok…I think that’s enough for one day… If you like what you see above I would love to show you in person… give me a call on 0418 144 732 and we can pick a date for YOUR OWN WORKSHOP;)

Have a great weekend…I’ll be back with some more creations and photos from Bryan’s birthday dinner tonight.. Till then take of yourself and smile…



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