Posted by: tanjawestwood | March 29, 2009

So much Fun!

It’s been a long time since Bryan and I went anywhere alone let alone a wedding. So when Ros and Nat invited us to theirs I was super excited…1. to be included and 2. a night out for my husband….yay!

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for an outdoor ceremony. I have just been going through of the photos and here are a few of my favourites…

The gorgeous Ros in her Mint green satin gown walking down the isle with her father…..

ros-and-nat-011the ever glowing husband to be Nat, adoring his soon to be wife…

ros-and-nat-036And a close up of Ros..

ros-and-nat-063But the funniest photo of the day…would have to be this…….

ros-and-nat-054Now I am pretty sure that is Josh but I could be completely wrong and it might be Drew…Bryan took this photo and I think its a classic.

Thank for for a great evening/night/early morning and I look forward to catching up when you come back from your kid free honeymoon…wooohooo…have fun guys.

NOW  regarding stamping….the new catalogue is due to be released in 2 days….let the count down begin….

Be back soon with some creations…till then have a great weekend



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