Posted by: tanjawestwood | February 11, 2009

I’ll never take what I have for granted

This has been a scary few days for Victorians…with the extreame heat came some very sad days of death and destruction. My heart goes out to all those suffering… I can’t not watch the news… it is so hard to hear it all the time… it is draining…I know that sounds selfish but I am the kind of person that takes it all in and it is giving me anxiety… It’s all just so hard to imagain… I am so grateful that I don’t know anyone up that way…I mean look at this..


Well I don’t want to leave this post on such a glum note so I would like to share what the latest news is from

Newcastle Craft Show – we’ll be in Stand #D03

20th-22nd February 2009

For more info

Come to THE craft event of 2009! All the essentials for craft under the one roof!
Something for everyone and everyone is welcome.
Full of inspiration, advice and shopping, the fair is a complete craft experience, bringing the world of craft to you. See it, touch it, buy it and find it, all in one day!
February Challenge
The challenge for this month is to make a LO with the following:

stitching &
use the word love

Closes at the end of February (MY ENTRY BELOW)

Cybercrop – “Dead Leaves” Cybercrop – March 6-8th March heard right…its Dead Leaves Cybercrop  month!! I knew I got you all in here with our great theme! We are ” DEADLY ” serious about having a wonderful ” FALL ” of a time!! There will be great challenges and games with lots of prizes up for grabs!! We would really like to see more forum members participating ( yes…we would like to see your wonderful creations!)

We would love to see everyone join in and have a go!
Current swaps include: progressive swap, boy embellishment swap, op shop swap & a circle journal.
Come in and check it all out.


And thats where I would like to leave it today…Please say safe..




  1. Gorgeous page Tan … what did you use for the title? It’s a great font.

    The fires have been draining for everyone. I went for a drive yesterday to drop off stuff to Diamond Creek, and could see all the destruction over on the next hill. It’s only 20 minutes from where I live, so I will be seeing it for many months and years to come. I still can’t believe it’s happened.

    We must catch up soon – did you get my email last week or the week before?

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