Posted by: tanjawestwood | February 2, 2009

The first day

I can not believe my little man is a Prep.  I can’t explain the feelings I have. It’s full on…he is not mine to mold anymore, you know what I mean. But I have to say I couldn’t get the smile off my face when he came upstairs this morning all dressed in his uniform and beaming!! He enjoyed his first day, didn’t even look back once. Bryan was with me and said quietly, “I kinda wish he was one of those kids that hung by my side”…I thought that was so sweet.. but I glad he has the confidence and also the mates that hopefully will see him through the not so fun times at school. I haven’t cried yet…but if I keep writing I will…so here’s some photos of the special man. Love you buddy XXX0041





  1. Oooh – how handsome does he look??

    Glad to hear day one was a success for your Ashton too 🙂

  2. New preps always look so excited and shiny! Glad to hear he enjoyed starting school. Its a bit to get your head around for we mums isn’t it – off into the big wide world! Take care, Sue

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