Posted by: tanjawestwood | December 12, 2008

You wouldn’t believe it

My luck these days is all over the place…I get fantastic opportunities offered to me and then I also have my car roll away from me..WELL…last night!! I was out to dinner for the  Kinder committee break up…it was such funny night..I haven’t laughed like that in a long time…all was good and the night wraps up around 11pm….I head home….I have been driving our other car as my hubby needs the Hilux for work as him has cracked a head on his… The car runs out of petrol!!! No joke, in the middle of the road, in the dark black hills with no room to move off the road! Now you are probably wondering why I didn’t fill the car…It didn’t give me much notice….the light went on and within a km the car started spitting and then just didn’t move. As much as I didn’t want to I had to ring Bryan who was asleep and he brought me petrol and follow me back home..well now I think I don’t even have enough to get to the petrol station..I hate the feeling that I am stranded @ home…ahhh maybe I will be able to get some scrapping done… that’s if I can find my desk under all this junk…. Anyway I just wanted to unload and show you all with good comes bad also. AND don’t forget to come and join us at Scrappin Aroundthis weekend for our Cyber Crop and come win some awesome prizes! (remember you have to register on the forum first 😉 ) I hope to see you there



  1. Tanja left you al ittle something on my blog just to cheer you up. Have a great week.

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