Posted by: tanjawestwood | November 27, 2008

You wouldn’t believe it

After such good luck this week, it all come tumbling down. First up with checking my emails this morning and finding a “friend” invite on Facebook from my husbands ex wife …what the?? As if!! They haven’t been together for over 8 years, what could she be up too??…never know cos I blocked her hehehe….Next my son broke the new cobweb cleaner I got two days a go…Not happy! To top it off….. The car crashed through a fence with my 2 year old daughter in it. I was at the kinder picking up Ash and as I got out of the car I walked around to Jasmine’s side to get her out…in slow motion it started rolling…I was yelling no, no, stop, trying the hold it back with all my might…I let go to hear a huge crash and then it stopped.The wheel got caught on the neighbours carport pole…I felt so sick..I kept shaking  and tears fell as they all helped me with getting Jasmine out and getting the car out of the garden…All I can say is I am luckily that no one got hurt!! Thanks goodness my husbands a builder but I know that he will never let me live it down 😛 Check out the fence!!


1127081440-00 Can you imagine what would of been damaged if it didn’t get caught up…awww now that makes me ill. We are all well though so don’t worry…..Anyway enough stressful stuff. I have a workshop to prep for so I better stop yakking on. I hope you have had a better day then I !!

Luv Tanja



  1. Oh Tanja how scarey for you. So glad noone was hurt. Just think tomorrow can only get better.

  2. Hope you are recovering okay and had a nice relaxing drink afterwards… Is Jaz okay?

  3. Oh Tan, what an ordeal. I hope you’ve managed to calm down a bit and are now doing something fun to de-stress. Stamping perhaps? Or just having some cuddle time with those precious kids? It will sure be a story to tell – I bet Ashton is onto that already!

  4. So glad no-one was hurt… you can replace a fence! Hope sharing with all of us helped to de-stress a little. Thanks for your continued messages and hard work. I look forward to them whatever they hold. Love to the fam. Jo 😀

  5. I am glad everyone is OK – how scarey.

  6. Oh goodness – your heart must have been going a million miles there after that scare. Glad everyone was OK. Hope your weekend was relaxed and stress free! Take care, Sue

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