Posted by: tanjawestwood | October 29, 2008

A new baby and 2 new cards

Hey all. There are a couple of cards I made with my first ever stamp set I bought. I still love it as much as the first time I saw it. It’s called Natural Beauty and the greetings came from Family Phrases Stamp set on page 61.

My friend  Kristen,whom I went to high school with had her baby on Monday and so I went to visit her yesterday. She was certain she was going to have a girl, but along came this gorgeous boy. He hasn’t got  a name yet, but soon enough I’m sure….its hard choosing someones name that will stick with them for life. I got a cuddle… you forget how quickly they grow!! Be back later with more creations. I hope your enjoying this beautiful spring day (I have done 5 loads of washing today, you should see the pile haha). Take care, Tanja.



  1. What lovely cards tanja.
    The little man sure looks like a hansome little one, bet your friend was surprised if she thought she was having a girl.
    Yes I agree names for our children aren’t the easiest as you know they are going to have to have it for their whole lives.

  2. I’ve already told you once, but it’s worth saying again – those cards are amazing! Love them. You are so good with colour!

  3. Beautiful cards Tanja. You sure are a great cardmaker and scrapper. Your friends little boy so cute and yep its amazing how fast they grow.

  4. Love your cards! I love how the dark base makes the flowers really ‘pop’- and congtatulations to your friend- Boys are so much fun!

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