Posted by: tanjawestwood | October 20, 2008

Challenge #8

Laying in bed this morning I was thinking about this weeks challenge (yes I am scrap crazy) and I was looking at my beautiful bedsheets and it gave me an idea. For this weeks challenge I would like you to take a photo of your favourite bed sheets, ones that make you feel amazing when you hop into them and use them for your inspiration. Here are mine… Now if you’re thinking you don’t have bedsheets that you love, dang girl….go get some, you’re missing out on a simple luxury. Considering we spend so much time in bed I figure why not feel like a princess. So yes a layout or card inspired by your linen (please include the photo of the sheet when emailing yo9ur creations please). If you seriously don’t have any that you love, crazy to even think that but if you don’t maybe have a look @ your kids linen and that might get the creative juices following. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Now off to wash the floors….oooh yay!!



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