Posted by: tanjawestwood | October 19, 2008

What a night, my 10 year High School Reunion

I have to say I am glad I went. It was nerve racking rocking up there without my husband (he stayed home with the kids) but luckly I had my school friend Kristen to walk in with.

It felt like High School all over again though, the girls just looked and everyone kinda just stood around working out who everyone was. I was okay with standing in the corner, until my ex-husband walked in with his new wife that was in the same year level as I. It was awkward to say the least, to top it off she thought it would be good to have a heart to heart with me about him, clearly drunk…. the whole time I was thinking how grateful to have the life I do now… But apart from that it was okay…was hoping Kristen would of had her baby (she is due next week), it would of been extra memorable sitting in a hospital waiting room haha. But it is over and done with now, back to my normal but lovely little life.

Back to business. i have two entries for Challenge #7, thank you Genna and Ness.I am love the fact we all did colours of the ocean…so nice. Here are the entries….

 Genna is still getting her blog up and running but if you would like to check out Ness’s fine work click on this link I will be back later with this weeks challenge, thanks again girls, love your work. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Bye 4 now



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