Posted by: tanjawestwood | September 16, 2008

Spring is in the air

It’s funny but this time of the year I always go into cleaning mode…and I mean cleaning!! Op shops are my friend. Even doing my scrap stuff and donating it to an auction during the retreat…money goes to The Very Special Kids Charity and it’s lots of fun. So I haven’t been creating…just cleaning but I do have one I created the other day. It hasn’t got a huge amount of Stampin Up but if you look closely the smaller alphabet stamp set I used it called Rough Edges Alphabets and is one of my favourites.

It was a little sad yesterday..I got a phone call in the morning, 7am to be exact.. it went like this….”hello” (me)….. “You better get rid of that rooster by today, we are getting sick of it”… then a hung up. It really shock me. We have had a heap of new people move into the neighbourhood lately and well we have had this rooster for 3-4 years with no problem but I guess we just pushed our luck (we got used to him crowing) so my poor hubby had to kill his friend the rooster last night. So before the deed was done I took a photo of him and the handsome fella he was.

I better continue cleaning…have to pick up Ash from kinder soon. See you soon




  1. Oh my goodness, I don’t visit your blog for a couple of days and there are a million posts! You rock. Those cupcakes do too! Always feel inspired when I visit here 🙂

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