Posted by: tanjawestwood | September 14, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat

I can’ wait…it’s only 47 sleeps till I go to my scrapbooking retreat. I know that seems like yonks but I am so hanging. Check it out at it’s such a magic time to have uninterrupted scrapbooking hours and hours and hours. I have only been once but I vow to go every Melbourne Cup weekend. I will be going with my friend Vanessa who does beautiful scrapbooking ( ) . It’s funny how me and Ness met….it was on the Scrapbooking Memories website and I clicked to chat  with her as she had a son of the same age and name as my boy Ashton.The first time we met was the last retreat 2007 and we have been friends since. and as of today we have become Stampin Up colleagues… It is so much fun to share this fantastic business and hobby with friends. Anyway enough yakking here is the card I promised and a layout also.

 I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Can you believe the weekends over? Have a great week and I will be back soon.


Ps/ Don’t you just love the little flowers the kids brought back for me from their grandparents?? I do 🙂



  1. Love that idea with the apples!

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