Posted by: tanjawestwood | September 13, 2008

I can’t help myself

My name is Tanja and I am addicted to the computer….haha I have to say I love email and the speed it brings people together. With two small kids I find it hard to get a moments peace, so email is great as I can do it anywhere anytime. I don’t know what’s happen to me but I am scrappin like crazy…I am even forgetting to eat… it probably do me some good haha but it’s like a virus I can’t stop. So here is a layout I did this morning…there are more I did today (as I said I’m going crazy with the LO’s) but I thought I would spread it out, so stayed tuned….

I have 3 brothers, no sisters so growing up was very boyish (another reason why I love having a girl of my own) but I am digging deep and really connecting to my memories…as when I am dead and gone I want those around me to know me for me and for my kids to know my past. So please join me on this scrapbooking adventure and scrap EVERYTHING…. I reckon you may need another layout….well here you go then……

Can you believe thats me???? I will post a card tomorrow using the same Tart and Tangy stamp set from the mini….can you tell it’s one of my favourites? Got to love the Stampin Write Markers too! See you on Sunday.
Bye for now
PS/ Don’t forget the challenge for the elegant card or layout is due tomorrow…get your creative hands a movin.


  1. I love the Always Happy Layout, the colors are beautiful. Great pic.

  2. I agree with your idea to pass along such great memories to your children, they will greatly appreciate it someday. Love your Layouts!


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