Posted by: tanjawestwood | September 10, 2008

Paperific and my challenge entry

I don’t know if you have ever been to Paperific??? But it’s well worth the trip. It is a full on paper lovers fest. Well me and my upline and other girls from our Stampin’ Up! team will be there. I will be there all day on Sunday 19th and I would love it if you would come up and say hi. Check out for more information.

Now I have finally completed my “elegant” layout for Challenge #4. I recieved a lovely card via email from my friend Ness for her entry to this challenge and will post it on Monday, so please don’t be shy, come join in on some creative fun.

I have never taken a photo of myself in the mirror before and believe me I don’t like the look but I am trying to be more honest lately with my true thoughts and feelings as I want my kids to realise in the future that I am human too.  Anyway I better get back to cleaning my desk or I won’t be able to create another thing ..there is no room to move! I hope you had a lovely spring day as it was gorgeous here down in the bay. See you soon.




  1. Great LO Tan! I really like it, and I know how you feel about those self-portraits in the mirror!

    I’ll be going to Paperiffic this year, so I’ll try and arrange to go on the Sunday, so I can pop along and say hello 🙂

  2. Tan, I think you are beautiful inside and out. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your body will sort itself out when your head is in the right space. Be kind to yourself and never forget how talented and special you are. xxx

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