Posted by: tanjawestwood | September 7, 2008

I do have some stuff to show you

I just remember I have a layout to show you. It’s not fully Stampin’ Up…well only a tiny bit (the butterflys) but I’m not a total Stampin’ Up! zombie…even though I adore the stuff. Here it is.

It’s so fun to have a girl to scrap about. This photo here is precious(below), but a little sad as she has said goodbye to her cot and moved into a bit bed. It’s funny but when she was in her cot she would sleep just fine with the door shut & pitch black, but on Thursday when we changed over she wanted the light on and the door open. I guess it can be scary in such a big bed.

Now to my other beautiful child, Ashton. We went to a party yesterday for my old high school friend Kristen’s daughter, Dakota. It was at Hungry Jacks…I have never been to one of those kind of parties before and was amazed how easy it looks to have 27, 3-4 year olds in one room eating at once AND you don’t have to clean up after them…PERFECT. Heres a couple of photos


Ashton (on the right)
Ashton (on the right)

Last but not least I would like to show you a picture of what my house in Nyora looks like now. We have loads of mud, bricks, sand and 4 cows that all call our 3 arces home so please excuse the mess but I can see the finish product in my head to thats all that matters…just wish we could have more time to work on it….soon enough…fingers crossed. This is where I will be holding the Pampered Scrapbook I am very much looking forward to the future. Anyway I have babbled enough. I hope to back tomorrow. Have a lovely Monday when it comes.

Love Tanja
PS/ Last call for Challenge #3.  Please email your entries ASAP, Cheers

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