Posted by: tanjawestwood | August 17, 2008

Anyone got any Stampin’ Around Scrapbooking page?

Well ladies, yes it is Sunday. I would love to post your layouts tomorrow so if you have one please email me a photo or a scan and I will put it up here for all to see (don’t be shy)  Just reminder of what the challenge was. A scrapbooking page of someone you have never scrapbooked before and to use a Stampin’ Around on that page. I look forward to seeing your creations. But till then I have another card for all.

I have used a Stampin’ Around on this card. I love how you can colour them in….my husband laughs when I say stuff like that, as he thinks colouring in is for kindergarten…ha! men…if they only knew the satisfaction.

I will be back in full swing tommorrow. I am probably heading home as you read this. Please email me @ with your layouts and I’ll post some snowy photos, layouts and ofcourse a new card tomorrow.  Have a great Sunday…..Tanja



  1. I agree with you! Very therapeutic that colouring in! Love yours, great card.

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