Posted by: tanjawestwood | August 11, 2008

Why I love scrapbooking

I remember the day I came across Scrapbooking. I was at my mums and she was telling me about Creative Memories (doesn’t the story always start that way?? ha!) and I said to her…” Mum I don’t need another hobby…I paint, draw, stain glass, I can’t afford it!!” I did one page…just one, and I was hooked! I can’t say I like my early stuff…It’s hard to look @, but I think I have grown into a style…I don’t what style you would call it…. do you? What’s your opinion? I would love to know. But scrapbooking to me combines so many of my loves…. photography, paper, paint, stamps, the list is endless. I do get stuck with my journaling though.  I love scrap magazines and how people tell their stories, so I am hoping to take a step up and really journal from the heart. My upline Claire Daly is amazing @ this and is even on a journaling team on a blog called It is a wonderful site if you are ever stuck for something to write about. Oh yes…how are we going for the scrapbooking challenge? I would love to post your work so please send your pics my way. Here is my layout for the day. It is of my son Ashton (4 and half) with his best friend.

It is rare to get them sitting still long enough for a photo so this is special. I used Stampin’ Up! gold embossing powder alot in this layout…I am very addicted to embossing @ the moment. I manage to find a chipboard star in my never ending stash to complement all the fabulous Stampin’ Up! stamps, papers and inks.

I just wanted to end this with a little thing that happened today…I was interrupted whilst doing the dishes by a phone call today and when I headed back to the kitchen this is what I found…..

This was the first time my boy has done the dishes…He was soooo happy!!! He even started to sing….which by the way I got on video (yay)…. “I love doing the dishes….I could do them everyday” he just made me smile so much. He then says to me “mum, whenever you need dishes done, just come and get me and I’ll do them” Why haven’t I thought of that sooner??? It will be good for him and for his future MRS. Anyway I just thought I would share that with you all. I will see you all again tomorrow.

Stay warm and safe




  1. Awww, Tanja….what a lovely page and a lovely post too! Maybe I should just ask my kids to do dishes too! You need to remind him of this conversation when he is 14 and you struggle to get him to do ANY chores!! At least you have the video evidence! Ha!

  2. Hi Tanja – Love the pic he drew too on your scrapbook page. (And love that alphabet stamp set you’ve done the heading with! It’s on my list!) Cheers, Sue

  3. i love how you journaled within the star! an amazing LO for sure! 🙂

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