Posted by: tanjawestwood | August 6, 2008

Gotta stop going to bed so late

I tell you these last couple weeks I have been going to bed between 12midnight and 2 am every night and I think it’s catching upon me. Night time is my time if you know what I mean…no kids… just peaceful. But I feel like I’m getting something and I think it’s a sign to go to bed early and let my body rest. But I don’t want to leave you all hanging. Here is my card for this evening. I find it so fun trying to come up with something new everyday..I’m hoping tomorrow to show you how I apply Stampin’ Up! stamps with your normal scrapbook stuff (cos’ I have loads of it too believe me!) So till then sleep tight and I hope you like my new card.


Hostess set - Oh, so lovely
Hostess set – Oh, so lovely


  1. Hi Tanja, Hope you’re feeling a bit better than yesterday, have finally managed to get into your site and love your ideas and cards.You are a real inspiration and I am hooked. Thelma

  2. That’s really nice Tanja.. you’re doing such a great job. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas. Hope you’re only tired and not getting sick… love to all… Jo 😀

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