Posted by: tanjawestwood | August 3, 2008

Sorry, I missed a day

Hey all, I am sorry that I missed a day but I have a reason. I had a fantastic workshop @ my mums in Rye yesterday afternoon. It was getting on in the day and because mum is an hour and a half away I thought it would be better to stay overnight as I had the kids with me, and I am not a huge fan of driving at night in the rain so we went and stayed @ my brothers house with the kids cousin ruby. Here is a photo of Kara, Ruby and Ash being a little silly @ the workshop.

Speaking of the workshop. I also have a picture of what it can be like if you have your own. I love this look as I know that fun has been had!! 


As my card of the day I would like to show you the card created @ the workshop and also the 6×6 scrapbooking page (up top) I created for a awesome bunch of ladies in Leongatha on Friday night. It was a blast to work with you all by the way.

Look @ the ribbon....yumm
Look @ the ribbon….yumm

The reasons I do the 6×6 layouts and not 12×12 are 1. I don’t like to charge for workshops and 2. sometimes especially if you are new to scrapbooking 12×12 is very daunting. I want to be able to show you how to apply stamping techniques to your scrapbook pages and make it simple and fun. I will be posting some scrapbook classes very soon. So keep your eyes open 4 that. But if you woud like me to show you in person, I am more than happy to help….give me a buzz there are alot of options. I might be back later today but if not. I will be back tomorrow with another creation that I hope inspires you. Take care




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