Posted by: tanjawestwood | July 30, 2008

What a day… time to relax

It has been a busy old day for me today. Went for a walk with the kids and the dog this morning. Then headed off to Ashton’s swimming lesson…he is getting so good! Then popped in to see a customer with a back order. Did food shopping…$300 or so did food get so expensive! Then came home unpacked (3pm by now) and weeded the front garden bed to plant the leek, parsley, thyme and silver beet seedlings I bought (wish me luck with that…I have a black thumb but wish for a green one!) Came in and started dinner, lit the fire etc etc etc….It may just seem like a normal day but I am stuffed. But I haven’t forgotten my challenge and I have a new card for you all… And it’s the first card on here that I haven’t actually used any stamps. But I have used all Stampin’ Up! products, including their very cool rub ons. There is just something I love about Rub ons, reminds me of when I was 5 and mum took me and 2 of my brothers back over to Sweden to see all the relatives. On the plane they had these really cool folders of back grounds and rub on people and animals to put on them…it just makes me smile every time I used rubons… just feels special. Any way I won’t bore you with all the products this time….but if you have any questions about anything you see on my blog please email me at, I’ll be happy to chat with you. Till tomorrow lovelies. Sleep tight




  1. Cute cards Tanja and love the story about rub ons!

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