Posted by: tanjawestwood | May 10, 2008

Mothers Day

Well ladies (mothers) today is our day and I don’t know about all of you but to me mothers day is fantastic.. I choose not to do housework just for one day (bliss) and enjoy the day as much as possible… to be honest I would love to scrapbook lots and lots today! HA HA HA I know Mothers Day has become very commercial but I don’t want flowers or present even ( my husband bought me a shovel, can you believe it!!!) I just want to be reconized for what I do and its a great time to reflect on how my mum raised me and how much of a pain and a worry I was to her sometimes, for that I am sorry. I know now being a mum myself how hard it can be and I am now so ever thankful for her support and love back then and especially now. So even though you don’t celebrate Mothers Day Mum I want to say I love you and a big thank you for EVERYTHING.

On another note I do have a card to post today, made with all the new Stampin’ Up! In Colour range, which I am totally in love with. This is a fun card to make and can be made at workshops so give me a buzz if you want to have a go.

Till next time, enjoy your day, Love Tanja


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