Posted by: tanjawestwood | March 7, 2008

Great news

I am so happy so say I am finally getting published with my scrapbooking. I have always hated when they would come back with the … we are sorry but you didn’t get in.. keep on trying. Well I got in … Scrapbook Creations Issue # 58 and my baby girl Jasmine will be the star. It was one of my News Years resolutions and its only March…maybe I could do another?? haha I don’t want to push my luck. My husband doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, but its a milestone for me. For 5 years I have been buying scrapbooking magizines for inspiration and now I have a chance to inspire others. Its funny but I usually look to other peoples layouts for ideas but for this layout it was my daughters tshirt and the rest….. my imagination. It proves you have to be you and only you. So look out for it… it is a real buzz… I’ll be buying a few copies thats for sure


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