Posted by: tanjawestwood | January 16, 2008

Average day

Well just another day in the life of us. Nothing too exciting happened…dishes.. playing with the kids.. wrote the outline for my next workshop this weekend. (I love coming up with new cards for each new workshop) Walked half an hour on the treadmill (I know I can’t believe it myself)  Went to My parents-in-law farm to drop of a stamping order and my four year old son Ashton insisted in finding a tree to climb. Started a scrap page this arvo…excited about it and can’t wait to get in and finish it. Pasta for dinner…the dishes can wait till  morning… I hate dishes so much lately…. I am hoping Bryan will get me a dishwasher for my birthday in Feb…weird request for a present but it would make life alot easier. And now just I’m sitting with B and just watching the box. Well I am trying to post a card or page as often as possible to show the all the cool and different ways you can use Stampin’ Up! ….. so I will post my new page tomorrow made all with Stampin’ Up! products . Till then sweet dreams…. Tanja xxx


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